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nhà cái uy tín nhất hiện nay 2020



Welcome to?Paradise Bound!
Collectible Records & Authentic Japanese Art.

During our 20% off sale, all online purchases will be refunded 20%.


Add any piece of art to your shopping cart and checkout with any major credit card through Paypal, or you can call us during business hours and pay with any major credit card over the phone! –It’s safe and secure – 100% guaranteed! See our online sales feedback here and here!

270 Augusta Ave., Toronto, Ontario (click for map)??

Gift Certificates available in any denomination.

Click this button and visit Paradise Bound at Discogs.?It’s easy to search through a small portion?of our records online.?However, it’s always worth a visit to our shop, because we do not post thousands of popular titles that sell quickly!

See any you need? Email us and we’ll hold them and?give you 10% off if you pick them up at our store!


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